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online. Track your your progress and improve your communication with
friends and educators socially.
You can have ONLINE LESSONS with virtual classrooms.

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Customize your learning and training environment to suit your personal needs and interests. Without losing time and effort.

Unlimited Education

Prepare an unlimited number of courses, materials, tests. Experience unlimited learning experiences with groups and communities.

Mobile First

You can access your training environment from any device with an internet connection. Unlimited access with Mobile Phones, Tablets and Desktops.

Virtual Class

Access your virtual classroom via your Internet browser. Online lessons with interactive board, camera, audio, and screen sharing.

Prepare Contents

You do not need expensive programs or tools. Easily create courses and many content with content creation tools available in Carpedu.

Unlimited Communication

Try easy communication and collaboration between users. Work with your friends and educators.

Newest, Most Updated

Try Carpedu's latest and up-to-date educational technology concepts. Boost your productivity, save time and have fun.

Public beta will be available very soon


Be updated from every single action. You don’t have to worry for assignment due times. Carpedu will care for you.


Work and learn with users who are interested in the same areas as you and need training. Share information and educational resources.

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